Happy fifth birthday, Facebook!

Happy Birthday Facebook!

Here’s what I could have been doing with the time I’ve spent on Facebook in the past few years:

– writing that novel. Actually, without Facebook, I’d have completed the trilogy and I’d be halfway through the screenplay.

– actually learning how to take decent photographs, rather than having to squint and twist my head in order to figure out who I can identify and tag in the ones I upload.

– meeting up with those friends that I’d genuinely like to keep as friends, rather than endlessly sifting through friend requests from people I may (or quite possibly may not) have gone to primary school with.

– discovering the more educational parts of the internet. I hear there’s stuff out there about philosophy, art and world economics, but I keep stalling at ‘Live Feed’.

– learning about what Stephen Fry is doing at this exact moment in time. Oh, no, hang on – I have managed to squeeze that in.

In essence, Facebook, I’m ever so glad you’ve reached that five year milestone. For all my griping, (oh, and here, and here actually) life would be a lot more dull without you.

Susi Weaser