Google Latitude: there is no escape

Stalkers of the world unite. Google has just launched Google Latitude, which will plot the location of your friends, family, and those that used to be either and have forgotten to reset their privacy levels.

You can now track and be tracked using a GPS-enabled mobile phone. You can override the automatic location tracking by manually entering your position, or you can set it from your computer, if you’re not out and about. Before you know it, you’ll have friends masquerading as dots running all over your map.

The example Google uses is ‘Hey! My wife is on her way home! I’d better get dinner on!’, although I’m pretty sure it’s going to be used in a more of a ‘Hey! Why is he in Paris? He said he was working tonight! Sob!’ manner.

It’s currently available on Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Simbian 60 mobiles, and it’s due to be added to the Google Maps iPhone and Android applications shortly.

[via Gizmodo]

Susi Weaser

One thought on “Google Latitude: there is no escape

  • Been waiting for this for ages! So happy its here. Except… I made a stoopid internet mistake of letting google know I’m not from the US hence not allowing me to use it on my computer :( WHich got me thinking, when are we gonna get google streetview over here, i swear they have had it since the 80’s.

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