Nokia Cupid – the anonymous way to say "I want you"

nokia-cupid.jpgAn anonymous Valentine ‘s Day card with the enigmatic question mark at the end is the most common form of anonymous love declaration. Telling someone you’ve been secretly pining for their love and affection up close and personal is a pretty scary way to go about things. So it’s understandable that many want to take the anonymous route, work out if they have a shot in hell before sheepishly admitting “it was me”.

Nokia Cupid wants you to forget about the mysterious Valentine’s Day card, and turn your attention to anonymous texting (which is great if you’ve fallen upon hard times). The service lets you deliver a free and anonymous text message to the person you’ve been thinking about for the past few months and you never know, the words “Guess what? Someone fancies you! Happy Valentine’s Day!” might just have the desired effect and work in your favour.

Before you get your creative hat on and start googling ‘romantic poetry’ for ideas, you should now you won’t be able to craft your own message. Instead you have to select a message from one of the four main areas – cheeky, simple, rhyming and quotes. All you need to do after is leave your name and mobile details, enter those of the object of your affection and Nokia Cupid does the rest, promising to keep details “top secret”.

I just hope it’s stalker proof.

Nokia Cupid

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Lucy Hedges