NJOY's electronic fags for part time puffers

njoy.JPGThe NJOY electronic cigarette, like all the e-cigarettes before it, puts two fingers up to the smoking ban (notice the use of the pint to emphasise you can smoke indoors). Dubbed ‘The Weekender’, this electronic ciggie is aimed at the social or part-time smokers (you know, the one’s who spark up after a few hours of alcoholic consumption) – but that shouldn’t stop the more hardcore puffers from giving it a go (although I’d imagine they’d want the real thing).

It looks like a cigarette, it acts like one and feels like one when you’re taking that drag (complete with realistic ‘smoke’ vapour and a glowing tip), giving you that nicotine injection you crave so badly and the sensation of smoking. And apparently, it’ll last you about as long as two 20 packs of fags – not bad for £12.

It’s certainly the most interesting e-cigarette so far, with apple, strawberry and vanilla refills on offer. Get one here – starter packs are priced at £60, refills from £16. And most important of all, there’s absolutely no tobacco, so you can smoke inside – yay!


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Lucy Hedges

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  • Nice post. I picked up a Blue electronic cigarette not to long ago and I love it. I will never smoke a tobacco cigarette again.

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