Serenade your Valentine with Valentones

serenading elsie 1.jpgWhile some deeply and utterly romantic folk will without a shadow of a doubt go all out for Valentine’s Day by serenading loved ones at night underneath bedroom windows with banjos/ukuleles/flutes/Linkin Park, you could get a little more media savvy by injecting a slice of modernism into your vocal declarations of love. Or alternatively, if your vocal abilities could make a grown man cry and wince and the thought of publicly singing to your loved one and running the risk of shattering all surrounding windows puts you off, Valentones is the next best alternative.

It’s a service that lets you create and send personalised musical messages, karaoke style, via a plugged in mic, directly to the ears of your poor unsuspecting Valentine on their mobile. Whether it’s your very own rendition of Simply The Best or I will Always Love You, the service will assist you with your musical message via MP3, leaving you free carry out your romantic gesture by murdering belting out any song of your choice.

There is a glimmer of hope to those with voices akin to strangled cats – the Valentone technology automatically applies professional audio tuning and mixing to enhance those vocal chords and to save you from embarrassment.

It’s free to create, so if you cock up one rendition you’re free to slaughter attempt another. Sending your vocal work to a mobile however, will cost £1.50.

There’s loads of songs to choose from, check it out here

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