LG next on the list to join in the 12 megapixel race

lg-logo.JPGForget size zero – 12 is the new 8 don’t you know. That’s exactly why LG has vowed to compete with Sony Ericsson Idou and Samsung’s ostensible 12 megapixel handsets, by vowing to release a 12 megapixel smartphone before 2009’s 365 days are up.

LG realises that it needs to keep up the megapixels in order to compete in and hold a decent position in the battle of the cameraphones. And according to the head of marketing for LG Mobile, the 12 megapixel offering will be just as impressive as the Idou, offering a variety of useful camera features such as smile shot and beauty enhancer. There aren’t very much details about LG’s 12 megapixel offering, except that its arrival is “not too far from now”.

Will the megapixel war stop at 12mp? While raising the megapixels might be exciting, what will really get the excitement flowing is when mobile manufacturers start paying more attention to lens quality and zoom functionality. Now that’d be something worth ooohing and ahhing about.

[via Electric Pig]

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Lucy Hedges