Keychain breathalyzer gives you the green light to drive

keychain breathalyzer.jpgDespite what the ‘Want Respect Use a Condom’ campaign dupes you into thinking, you can’t erase your poor judgement by rewinding time. And despite what people who like to ‘have it’ say, drinking and driving is not cool – no matter how many times you drunkenly slur the words “I’m ok to drive, it’s fine”. So before you do something reckless, whilst in denial about how inebriated you really are, might I suggest investing in the Keychain Breathalyzer Flashlight? It could save you *a lot* of tears.

For some, being blindly intoxicated isn’t enough of an indication that they shouldn’t get behind the wheel. But one blow into this device will give you a clear sign whether or not you should take the wheel, based on the traffic light code. So, green means you’re good to go, amber, means take caution and red means STOP do not get behind that wheel unless you want to suffer the harsh consequences, or simply, get a cab.

It’ll cost’s £5.50 here, will fit into your pocket, is powered by two AA batteries and could be what separates you from those without a criminal record and those that do.

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Lucy Hedges


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