Elton John's tantrums, tiaras and iPod Nanos

I like to think that if Elton John and I ever found ourselves in the same All Bar One, we’d strike up a conversation and get on like a house on fire. And then, just as he was leaving to get to McDonald’s before it shuts, he’d throw me a box which featured a full compliment of these Starburst iPod Nanos, each of which features a laser etched Elton signature, and Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits. I would, of course, then go and donate the 12.5% original purchase price to the Elton John AIDS Foundation, to ensure I wasn’t ripping off a charity.

Sadly, I think I’ll have to shell out £449 (16GB) or £399 (8GB) for one of these Swarovski bedecked Nanos, since I wouldn’t be seen dead in an All Bar One.

Get yours here [via Technabob]

Susi Weaser