Good vibrations: Small speaker, huge sound

IMU_Speaker_Hi-Res1.jpgGiven the iMu’s phallic characteristics and use of the words ‘vibration based technologies’ in the release, it’d be easy to mistake this for some kind of sexual aide (which wouldn’t exactly be out of place on this site). But upon closer inspection and a proper read through (as opposed to skim reading) of the press release, it becomes apparent the iMu is an audio device that deploys high effective vibration based technology (sounds better in context doesn’t it?) to transform any hard, flat surface into a quality speaker.

Remember the Miidio UFO speakers? Well, the iMu basically works on the same premise – it amplifies sound using vibrations on the surface it’s placed on.

Take any hard surface and turn it into a quality sound system – whether it’s solid wood floors, your class coffee table, your car’s dash board, or any other inanimate piece of furniture. All you need to do is sit back and marvel at the sound produced (up to 30W) by transmitting electrical signals, i.e. your music, into mechanical energy, i.e. vibrations.

Compatibility-wise, it’ll work with MP3 and MP4 players, CD players, laptops and a range of other portable devices.

£49.99 from The Gadget Shop.

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Lucy Hedges