iPod speakers for lovers of boobs boobs boobs

iboobs.jpgHere’s another risqué addition to the audio industry – a pair of cushiony bewbs. Rather than come up with a clever and catchy name, the boob obsessed creators behind these cushioned, music playing baps have gone down the lazy route by placing that ubiquitous ‘i’ affix in front of the word ‘boobs’. With the Jean Paul Gautier -style naked lady speakers in mind, could this be the start of a slew of anatomy based speakers obsessed with the female form?

The actual speakers sit behind the rather generously enhanced padding so you can snuggle up, or nestle your head between the lovely pair whilst chillaxing to the sounds of The Kings of Leon. Volume is controlled via the speaker jack wire, they’re powered by four AA batteries, and retail for the pocket friendly price of £14.95.

A Valentine’s Day present perhaps for someone who worships breasts more than the average man… or woman – basically someone who would make them their god if they could. Why not give them a reason to adore them even more?

[via Chip Chick]

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