Death to proprietry phone chargers

The second most popular cry to be heard at Shiny Towers is ‘has anyone got a Samsung/Nokia/LG phone charger I can borrow’ (the first is ‘who’s broken the internet now?’). But the days of having no power because of your stupid phone’s stupid proprietry phone charger are numbered.

The GSMA Association, which stands for Great Saviours of Mobile Avalanches or something, has promised that within three years the majority of mobile phones will ship with a micro-USB charger. All five of the Big Five phone manufacturers have committed to the scheme.

And in case you were wondering, I was going to put in a picture of a micro-USB charger, but it looked so dull I swapped it for a picture of some pygmy marmoset monkeys. If you were wondering what a micro-USB charger looks like, however, click here.

[via The Guardian]

Susi Weaser

One thought on “Death to proprietry phone chargers

  • Just wanted to say that piccies of pygmy marmoset monkeys should always be used instead of boring obvious accessories. Perhaps there is scope here to establish an alternative scale of things, monkeys = accessories, pandas = worthy but anonymous people and baby elephants = worthy and known individuals…..

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