Archos to make the move into Android based mobile handsets?


Anybody who reads Shiny will know how highly I rate Archos products, so the news that they may have a mobile lurking on the horizon is very exciting. And it’s not just a PMP enabled mobile device, no it’s going to utilise Google Android capabilities, potentially making the G1 seem redundant and outdated.

You can expect it to feature the sleek curves we’ve learned to love on the latest Archos devices, so think gloss finish and rounded corners. Couple that with a UI that’s probably the best on the market and you have a winner on your hands.

The device springs from the clever bods at Archos and Texas Instruments teaming up, and should presumably gives us a Smartphone/ media player/internet roaming device, the likes of which will send the iPhone scurrying back to Steve Jobs for a cuddle

There’s no real word on specs yet, but we’re hoping they manage to get a camera in somewhere, and the release date is tentatively Q3 this year.

[via Mobile Crunch]

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Zara Rabinowicz