WellAlarm: personal health information in a pretty package

These can’t possibly be examples functional, tech-based pieces of jewellery. These are far too high quality metal-y and well designed and generally desirable. And yet, they are. They’re all part of WellAlarm, which is your key to all your personal medical details.

The idea is that in the case of you having a medical emergency, bystanders or medical staff can access all your medical details online, after entering your unique ID number. The site’s designed to be easily navigated on iPhones, Blackberrys and other smartphones, as well as computers. There’s even a freephone number, so they can receive the information over the phone, or via a text message.

Of course, this relies on these pieces of jewellery becoming well known, or you being in a sufficiently alert state to be able to let those bystanders know all your information is accessible online. But regardless, it’s a far more attractive solution than a dull card in your wallet.

Check it out here.
[via JumpIntoTomorrow]

Susi Weaser