Just a touch is all it takes with the Media Box Touch

cs1_touch_blue.jpgNow here’s a name you don’t hear very often – MCH Media. But it’s not a name to be ignored. I know how easy it is to sweep less well-known brands under the carpet, in favour of media players that feature the words ‘iPod‘, ‘Walkman’ or ‘Zune‘ in them. But the CS-one Media Box Touch deserved as much admiration as the aforementioned players. Why? Well, it’s a touchscreen media player with touch sense buttons for a start and there’s 18 hours of continuous video playback on the cards from a full charge, which means even longer playback when you switch from MP4 to MP3 files.

An accelerometer in place means switching from portrait to landscape will be a doddle – combine that with a fully animated menu and eBook capabilities and it turns out the CS-one Media Box Touch is as good a contender as the rest.

It’s available in a wonderfully colourful assortment of offerings, priced at £63.99 for 4GB, £72.99 for 8GB and £84.99 for a 16GB model, here. Not bad eh?

MCH Media

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Lucy Hedges

One thought on “Just a touch is all it takes with the Media Box Touch

  • Hi Lucy,
    Many thanks for the coverage on our media box range.
    Just to cover off a couple of points, the menu isn’t actually Flash based its hard coded to speed up the action. We tried Flash but as I’m sure you know the Lite version is a bit of a dog so to make sure we didn’t loose performance we went old school and embedded the frames and coded around. Also the picture you have here is for our Lite or Max version, instead of a touch screen they use touch sense capacitive buttons (i.e. no moving parts = longer life & greater reliability).

    Once again thanks for the coverage, we’ve got some new stuff in the pipeline so be sure to keep yours eyes on our homepage http://www.mchmedia.co.uk for the latest news.

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