BigString destoys yet another of your email excuses

Read receipts are the bane of my life. Request a read receipt and I will refuse to send it, just to spite you. Ha! You will never know if I received your newsletter! Take that! Except now it seems there’s a company that has plotted to overthrow my stand against The Man. And that company is Big String (with the tagline ‘No More Sender Regret’).

They will track the emails sent from AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN or any email system sent through Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007. It’ll then deliver results on when it was read, how many times, the IP address it was read at and a location, if available.

What’s that? You didn’t get my email? YES YOU DID YOU LIAR, AND YOU READ IT THREE TIMES. IN STOCKPORT. What the hell are you doing in Stockport?

Only harm can come, you mark my words.

Get it, if you must, here. [via Gadgetell]

Susi Weaser

One thought on “BigString destoys yet another of your email excuses

  • stay away from this email service,it’s lousy and the features aren’t all it’s cracked up to be. Customer service stinks, even more than the email.
    Someone had a good idea, they didn’t know how to get it going right. Must be the people behind the software. Bogus

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