KEVIN ROSE does something. I don't even care what it is (24 Hours at Sundance)

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[Sorry. This is one of those posts about Kevin Rose which I write because I hope he Googles himself on a daily basis, finds this post, finds my email address, emails me about meeting up next time he’s in London, which happens to be in a couple of weeks, when he takes me out, we have a blast, but I decide my life is here in London and I couldn’t possibly move to San Francisco, he toys with moving to London but has commitments in SF, so we chalk it down as a wonderful, wonderful memory we’ll both treasure forever]

Ashton Kutcher has hitched his star to Kevin Rose’s bandwagon, with the launch of a one off gameshow, which will be set around the Sundance Film Festival. Beginning at 8am on Saturday, contestants including TMI Weekly’s Meghan Asher, Geek Entertainment TV’s Irina Slutsky and VentureBeat’s Matt Marshall will be recorded on Qik and asked to do things like borrowing a stranger’s phone for a long distance call, and ordering a meal using a sock puppet. Much like the kind of games you were asked to play on that 18 to 30 holiday you went on, then.

In a similar 18/30 vein, the contestants will be required to stay awake for a full 24 hours, which makes the title slightly more logical – ’24 Hours at Sundance’. If this is successful, Kutcher has promised they could take the format to all sorts of events such as the Grand Prix or the Super Bowl.

When it is live, you’ll be able to track the events here.

[via LA Times]

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