The definitive British Celebrities on Twitter list

When you’re done being fascinated by what your friend’s had for lunch, and which one of your colleagues hates their job, it’s time to get a little more Twitter high brow. And by high brow, I mean really, really low brow. By which I mean celebrities. Obviously.

Here’s the A, B and Z listers you should follow, all of whom regularly update, and most of whom are British.

Imogen Heap:
She’s all over that Web 2.0 stuff, from vlogging to blogging. Also, this sentence just made me fall so hopelessly in love with her: “Just having a bow of the old saw before bed whilst waiting for disk to back-up”.

Stephen Fry: I’m tempted to blame him for bringing Twitter to the masses (and the tabloids) and ruining it for the rest of us. And then he goes a Tweets 140 characters of pure filth, and I love him again.

Jonathon Ross
: No censoring on Twitter, no siree! Just lots of talk about his celebrity dinner parties. Seriously, it’s like he runs some kind of celebrity soup kitchen.

Andy Murray:
Reading Andy Murray’s Twitter feed is like an insight into what your brother must be getting up to at University. If it was the University of Illiteracy.

John Cleese: There’s a pleasing smattering of whimsy and sheer nonsense from Mr Cleese, and minimal talk of his impending divorce, which seems to have been thrust into my consciousness more than is healthy for someone not at all involved. Blame Loose Women.

Alan Carr: There’s talk of wind, cystitis, nipples and tranny Mexican wrestlers. With a line up like that, why would you not?

Robert Llewellyn: Food. Cars. Food. Cars. Food. Food. Food. Cars. Cars. Cars.

Dave Mitchell: So this is fun: This looks like the real David Mitchell, and then you find this, which claims to be the real real David Mitchell. Quite frankly, realrealDavidMitchell is not as amusing as fakeDavidMitchell, so I’m going to stick with the fake.

Graham Linehan: He wrote the IT Crowd and Father Ted. Remember? Yes. Him. He likes to talk StumbleUpon and Google Reader and Netvibes. In fact, reading him is a bit like sitting in our office.

Neil Gaiman: If you’re reading this blog and don’t love Neil Gaiman, I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Actually, I’m going to have to ask you to go to Waterstones and immerse yourself in the Fiction/G area. And then come back. Because I love you really. And I love him, because he tweets almost as much as me.

Philip Schofield
: Ah, the silver fox. Since you’re asking, yes. I so would.

OK, here’s a couple of non-Brits we stumbled across:

Ashton Kutcher: Jump on this bandwagon quick, as he’s about to start his 24 Hours in Sundance gameshow and Twitter is likely to feature heavily in it. Also, he’s wearing a headband in the picture.

Mischa Barton: Where else could you find out that she’s shooting a new movie in India? Nowhere Perez Hilton, that’s where.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Also? Us! We’re on Twitter! All day! Constantly! And sometimes at night. But we’re getting treatment for that. Make friends with us here.

Susi Weaser


  • Cool, thanks for this post! Was already following the ones on this list I’m interested in, except that Imogen Heap find is GOLD and I wouldn’t have known about it if not for this. Nice one.

    My fave Alan Carr tweet of all time (nay, my fave tweet of all time) is: “Global warming? Tell that to my nipples.” Brilliant.

  • What I’m finding is that the gap between my “real” friends on Twitter and any celebs I happen to follow is closing. It’s like 6 degrees of microblogging; we’ll reach some sort of event horizon any day now.

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