The customisable Valentines Day case puts you iPhone in its element

Valentines element case.JPG

As we all know, the iPhone is *very* precious cargo. One drop and all functionality could be ruined forever. So if your girlfriend treasures her iPhone almost as much as she loves you, you might want to think about getting her a super-impact resistant and stylish Element case, in this eye-catchingly conspicuous pearlescent pink, Valentines Day design. If you can get your order in before the 9th February, you’re guaranteed international shipping as well as a custom inscription on the lid, for such terms of endearments as cutie pie, snookums and snuggle bunny.

It’s pricey, but celebrity bodyguards don’t come cheap, so why would security for your iPhone be any different. It costs $119 USD. Only 100 are being made, so if you think you’ve found your Valentines gift, I’d get those skates on if I were you.

Place your order here. Element ships to over 56 countries, so unless you live somewhere really remote, it’s more than likely this includes your country of residence.

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Lucy Hedges