Put your iPhone in its element… quite literally


In the words of the PR person who sent me the info on these personalised iPhone cases, the Element iPhone cases “are just too awesome”. They’re super-impact resistant and gamer friendly with a grippable (rubberised or titanium grip mounts – that’s almost indestructible) and soft texture to give you piece of mind that your precious handset won’t smash into smithereens upon impact when accidentally dropped on the floor. The best thing about these eye catching iPhone cases (as far as iPhone cases go) is they’re fully customisable – you pick the model, colour and graphics to make it 100 percent your own.

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You can even throw laser engraving into the mix. So if you want a phone case to match your bathroom décor, your car interior/exterior or even your favourite superhero, it can be done right here.

These are top tier cases and don’t come cheap, with prices ranging between $100 – $150 USD. Perhaps once (or if) Apple gets onboard, the prices will be more wallet friendly.

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Lucy Hedges