No more slouching with the i-posture

iPosture.jpgYour mum always told you stop slouching and keep a straight posture. But because you were a stubborn little brat and consequently ignored her advice, you’re still a sloucher aren’t you? Would you give yourself mum-like reminders to refrain from crookedness in the form of a little gadget worn around the neck?

The iPosture won’t slap you around the head and tell you to stand straight. Instead the diminutive nano-sensor detects when slouching kicks in and your angle deviates just three degrees from the optimal position for longer than a minute, and subsequently emits a warning to straighten you out. It doesn’t produce an electric shock (although that would be brilliant wouldn’t it?), it only vibrates. But you’ll be feeling, taller, slimmer, more confident and whatever else comes hand in hand with a perfect posture.

$89.99 USD here [via Engadget]

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Lucy Hedges