Pee-powered batteries… gross

peepower_1.jpgWhen you think rechargeable batteries, the word urine doesn’t spring to mind, and why should it? Batteries and urine aren’t two things closely associated with each other – unless you’re really into peeing on power sources, in which case you probably smell like the entrance of a tube station and have unsanitary gadgetry.

It doesn’t really sound practical for everyday use, does it? But as vile as the Nopopo (which stands for no pollution power) batteries sound, you don’t just point and shoot/aim and go all over the batteries to recharge them. Instead, there is a pipette. Though, how you pee into it without getting it all over your hands, shoes and the floor is a mystery. But if you’re not the peeing into pipettes type, you can also use beer, saliva, apple juice or coco-cola.

The batteries won’t be as powerful as your average alkaline AA battery, but when you think about what gives them their juice, this is sounds about right.

[via Oh Gizmo]

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Lucy Hedges

One thought on “Pee-powered batteries… gross

  • Batterwees … I like it.

    And you fill them via a container from which you extract the battery recharging wee. And you fill the container using a Peezy …

    No problems there.

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