Asus Eeephone rumour confirmation

From Asus’s loins the netbook sprang, and now, they’re planning on turning that success into mobile phone shaped success. The chairman of Asus has confirmed that plans are afoot to bring a super-cheap smartphone to the market, which will act as a remote for other Asus hardware in the home.

There are very few details besides these, but we’d be disappointed if the phone wasn’t a plasticky white, have keys that are slightly too bouncy and a screen that’s only readable when you squint. Still, for the right price, we’d forgive it all that.

[via Electric Pig]

Susi Weaser


  • I have an eeepc set up with an external monitor as my only computer right now — and it’s fine. I guess I have tiny hands, because the keyboard doesn’t give me trouble at all. I have never felt I needed a smartphone (one of those who whine that they just want a simple, sleek, small phone that just CALLS), but I’d check this one out for the right price!

    • I was probably being a little harsh – having tried to liveblog press conferences on an eeepc it’s not my favourite. Having said that, it’s perfect for toting in a bag.

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