Jet Pen, for the fingerless iPhone owners

jet pen.jpg

The idea of buying a pen to mimic your fingertips seems somehow wrong to me. To date, I’ve got ten fingertips which all seem to be working as required, on demand. I suppose this product might be aimed at those poor people who have their fingertips sanded off. And those who have lost their fingers in horrible mangle-related accidents. And those that like to wear gloves.

So, for those sectors of society, I present the Jet Pen. This works with the iPhone, promising greater accuracy, and mimics your fingertips to ensure the phone picks up the touch. It can be attached to the iPhone via a plug you can insert into the headphone jack. Assuming you’re not using your headphone jack for headphones. In which case, if you don’t like using your fingers, and you’re not listening to music, you should have perhaps gone for something other than an iPhone.

Still, it’s only £19.99 here.

Susi Weaser