The Star Wars Force Trainer wants you to use The Force

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Apparently, The Force is in all of us. However, as all die hard Star Wars fans should know (and those who have spent many hours brow furrowing and concentrating hard on an object willing it to move), some individuals prove more adept at wielding their powers than others. The Star Wars Force Trainer, however, does not discriminate and lets us execute The Force in equal measures. So if you’ve got a longing desire to hone those Jedi-like abilities, or step into Luke Skywalker’s shoes, direct your attention to The Force Trainer.

Harnessing those telekinetic powers, you must use your brain waves (much like the Mindflex) to manipulate the “training sphere” within a 10-inch tall tube using one of the brain-to-computer product. The circuitry will then translate your brain waves into physical action via the wireless headset.

It makes its official appearance in Q3 for around $100 USD, so you’d better sharpen up those skills and commence the Jedi training.

[via Engadget]

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