January's obsession: Remember The Milk

I have found something that has changed my life, and it doesn’t involve any visits to any places of worship. It’s not new, but it is awesomeness personified in a little piece of software. I’d heard about Remember The Milk (RTM to its loyal followers) but it was only with the 2009 Get Life Organised, Stop Forgetting Important Stuff resolution that I decided to take a look at this service, which is essentially an online To Do list.

I freakin’ love lists, so the opportunity to tag, prioritise and share the mindless activities I’d be indulging in in 2009 is too much to resist. Using Remember The Milk, you can set deadlines for your tasks, get email reminders, tag tasks and search using those tags, set locations and be reminded of certain tasks when you’re in that location and more.

And if you’ve got an evening on your hands you can share the whole lot. Synch it with your iCal, subscribe to an RSS feed of your tasks, download the iPhone app and have any changes you make on the move automatically update on the site.

The initial service is free, as is the iPhone app to begin with. The $25 annual Pro account will get you compatibility with Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices, unlimited use of the iPhone app and ‘a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting RTM’.

As I said, it’s not a new service, but if your New Years Resolutions involve getting organised and you love nothing more than syncing your brains with your computer with your iPhone, you need to be all over it. Tell them I sent you.

Try it out here.

Susi Weaser