iLuv the i1166 Portable Multimedia Player


If you’re going to bag yourself a portable multimedia player for your iPod and DVDs, you may as well go for one that’s got the looks akin to an A-list celeb and one that has a screen big enough to see the contours of Josh Holloway’s body in fine detail. It also helps that it has digital frame capabilities, accepts content via USB, SD card, or MMC card and is DivX certified. Can you tell I’m a fan?

The very good looking iLuv i1166 Portable Multimedia Player features video output, a 3-way power source – AC, in-car charger and built-in Li-on battery – has a decent sized remote and of course works as an iPod dock/charger.

There are no pricing details at the moment – the people at iLuv can’t seem to make up their minds. But it is coming out in March, giving you enough time to save some pennies.

[via Engadget]

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Lucy Hedges