CES 2009: Blu-ray gets portable with the Panasonic DMP-B15


Blu-ray discs are getting cheaper so it’s only natural that portable players will come into their own. Panasonic has made history by creating the worlds first travel Blu-ray DVD player, the catchily titled DMP-B15. The DMP-B15 has a 8.9 inch WSVGA screen, and has a three hour rechargeable battery.

More excitingly however is the fact that the machine has an HDMI slot which means you can hook it up to an HDTV, and it can be used as a standalone player.

They’ve also included Panasonic’s Vieracast functionality which means you can sync the device with any of your compatible Panasonic products. This means it will load up intuitively and you are also able to use it to access online entertainment sites. The device features an SD card memory slot, but there’s no word on pricing as yet. Available in May.


Zara Rabinowicz