Clickable oven gloves. Some IRL baking required

I’d like to think that slipping on these 8-bit oven gloves causes you to be entirely rendered as an 80s gaming character, and that you slip into another world to fight the enemies of the kitchen (germs, pets, Jamie Oliver etc). It doesn’t say anything about that on the site though, so I wouldn’t want to guarantee it.

Or perhaps it does. It’s all in Spanish Portuguese, and says exciting things like “Nova remessa em breve!” and “A Luva de cozinha Clicking é uma brincadeira com o mundo virtual”. Viva la revolution or something.

Get them here [via Apartment Therapy Unplggd]

Susi Weaser


  • so close…. but it’s Portuguese not Spanish.

    “New shipment soon”

    “The kitchen glove clicking the kitchen is a play on the virtual world”

    (more or less)

  • If I had to make a list of things I would never have thought of, this would go near the top.. I can’t think what else would be there though.

    Absolute genius, what’s next? pointy arrow back scratcher? IRL hour glass? what about an I bar pen?

    • That’s why we’re sat on the other side of the coin, gazing in wonderment, whilst some lucky sod is raking it in via oven gloves…

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