Diary.com: keeping the spilling of your guts personal

The online world has come a full circle. We were once a confidential kind of people, then the internet hit, and we decided to share. Share, and share, and bloody share again. And now, it seems there’s some demand for… what’s that word? It’s been so long… Oh, yes. Privacy.

Diary.com is essentially an online blogging platform, but rather than defaulting to sharing your thoughts with the world, it’s expected that users would rather just use their space to vent and write and have it read by no one but themselves.

I was initially sceptical, but I know a few people who have set up completely anonymous blogs in order to have somewhere to vent their rage. So would this work? I’d argue that when people set up anonymous blogs they still harbour ambitions to be the next Girl With a One Track Mind (pre outing), but perhaps there are people out there who just want an online diary.

There’s also the option to share your diary with friends, or even the entire internet, and you can keep as many diaries as you want and differ your privacy levels on each. The platform is a simpler version of something like Blogger, and is aimed more at the occasional diary writer rather than your hardcore blogger.

What do you reckon?


Susi Weaser


  • From a security point of view, I would rather not let those hosting such a service have a laugh at my own expense when a jotter pad locked in a safe in my room or even my own head are a more secure solution. And what are these “friends” things that you speak of? They sound awfully expensive and embarrassing if you ask me.

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