CES 2009: X marks the spot – Sony unveils latest Sony Walkman Series

sony-walkman-x1050 -thumb-300x333.jpg

I’m probably the biggest Sony Walkman fan in Shiny Towers, So understandably I think it’s good… no, I think it’s punch the air, high five fantastic that they’ve got a couple of new additions to bring the Walkman family – the X1050 and X1060. Sony aims to trump all previous models with its X range, a combination of 3-inch screens (sure to improve the video watching experience), touchscreen goodness and internet capabilities.

What differentiates the X Series between just a good digital media player and an effing brilliant digital media player is its ability to connect to the web via a Wi-Fi chip. Add a custom BBC iPlayer tool for plenty of telly action plus YouTube and MP4 capabilities, and you’re onto a winner. It’s also compatible with WMV and H.264 material.

Both models pack in noise cancelling technology, FM tuners a screen resolution of 432×240 and will be available in 16 or 32GB offerings. Sony tells us you can get your very own Walkman in “Spring 2009”.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges