CES 2009: Yahoo cause CES storm with their Widget Channel

yahoo logo.jpg
Yahoo has been a surprise heavy hitter at this year’s CES, and seem set to continue being the name on everyone’s lips. It’s all to do with their Widget Channel, which they’re integrating into several of the TVs launched over the past couple of days.

The idea is that you’ll be able to access key internet services through your television, via a browser bar at the bottom. That means you’ll be able to access services like (Yahoo owned) Flickr, Twitter, stocks, shares, weather and the like. In fact, Yahoo has just announced that there will be a specific MySpace widget, which will allow you to update your profile, browse friends and message people.

The technology itself is all contained in an Intel chip, and it’s set to be integrated into hardware including televisions, Bluray players and set top boxes. Toshiba, Sony, LG and Samsung have so far committed to including the technology.

And yes, this is something coming to the UK. In Spring, in fact.

Susi Weaser