CES 2009: Toshiba integrates internet TV, a DVD player and widget channels in Combo TV

Toshiba-combo-thumb-200x298.jpgInternet equipped TVs are fast becoming the next big thing in television. Joining LG and Netflix, it’s Toshiba with its internet equipped, DVD playing, widget enabled TV – with a little help from Yahoo!, Intel and Microsoft. This means you’ll be able to stream video from the web, download movies, watch internet TV and even record it as well.

The Widget Channel application network is down to Yahoo! and it’s up to Intel to provide direct access to weather, sports, movies, music and basically most parts of the World Wide Web (so yes that could mean porn). A majority of the widgets will come pre-installed on the goggle box, and as more become available, users can pick and choose what they want.

The role Microsoft plays in all this, is with the “extender” – the hardware that assists with the wireless connection between the Toshiba Combo and your home PC. Once you have this connection, you’re free to stream your little heart out. And if you add a TV tuner to your PC setup, then you get the added bonus of storing programs onto your PCs hard drive.

The Toshiba Combo is tipped to launch during the second half of 2009, so expect to see it sometime between July and December.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges