CES 2009: Kodak Zx1 for on-the-go HD video capture


Kodak’s Zi6 pocket cam hasn’t been on the scene very long and already Kodak’s rolling out its successor – the ZX1 HD Camcorder. It decided to scrap the pull-out USB connector in favour of a sealed waterproof casing, but it does gain HDMI out for your high definition needs. The Zx1promises easy uploading to the ubiquitous YouTube, 720p HD video capture at 60fps, an IP43-certified weather-resistant design and an SD / SDHC card slot that’ll take up to 32GB, all of which are accompanied by a 2-inch screen.

Kodak also assures us, up to ten hours of video recording action can be achieved on a full charge of its included AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

We’ll be putting that theory to the test come April, when it hits the shelves for the not too shabby price of $149.95.

[via Engadget]

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Lucy Hedges