Sansa slotRadio handpicks your playlist for you – all 1000 of them


Based on the title, you can already tell that this has the potential to be a bad idea. Sansa’s tried really hard to grab our attention with its plethora of MP3 players they unleashed last year. But something seems to have gone wrong during the brain storming session, because the end result is as a pre-packed MP3 player with 1000 random songs of someone’s choice. I didn’t think there was a gap for people with absolutely no interest in music choice, but Sansa seems to have a different outlook.

The songs come pre-loaded on a Sandisk microSD card and there they shall remain, as they’re locked down with DRM. And if you suddenly get a taste for the sweet sweet music, you can download another 1,000 for $40 (£26).

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges