AV/Shadow turns your Blackberry to a remote

We spend a lot of time evangelising over iPhone apps here at Shiny Shiny, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t awesome things happening on other platforms. Take the AV/Shadow for the Blackberry, for instance.

This hardware+app acts as a remote, and allows you to change channels on your TV, control your Blu-ray player and up to 14 other devices. You can access TV programming menus via the screen on your Blackberry and even stream music from your device to your speakers.

I’d love to declare this a rival to numerous iPhone apps, but for one little snag. This will set you back $100, making it significantly more expensive that other apps, although significantly less than some dedicated Universal remotes.

One of the reasons for the price tag is that you’ll need the hardware pictured connected to your equipment in order to use the remote application. Your Blackberry communicates with that via Bluetooth, giving it a range of up to 30 feet, without having to be directly in the line of site.

You can buy it here [via Spot Cool Stuff]

Susi Weaser