Plinky provides blogging inspiration, for when thinking for yourself is just too hard

Plinky wants to ‘spruce up your corner of the web’ which I think is a wonderful aim. For all those of you who have promised to blog more this year, but find the inspiration lacking, the sprucing is aimed at you.

Once you register with the site, they’ll set you a daily question for you to respond to. Once you’ve done that, you can send it off to your Facebook, your Twitter or your blog, together with maps, photos and videos for further sprucing effect.

The questions themselves are actually pretty good, including ‘Pick a wild animal to keep as a pet’ (meerkat, obviously), ‘What’s your favourite music venue?’ (The Leadmill, Sheffield) and ‘Defend your vice’ (there’s nothing wrong with being somewhere on time, people).

OK, it’s a very lazy way of blogging, and you’re probably not going to become the ultimate destination for anyone looking for meaningful and significant blogging, but it might just get you out of that bitching-about-public-transport blogging slump.


[via BlackWeb 2.0]
Susi Weaser