Access to Gmail available when you're offline

Gmail, the best known, best used and best overall (this may not be entirely without bias) of webmail services is going offline. Kinda. Specifically, Gmail users will now be able to access their inbox from their desktop, without needing to be connected to the internet.

It’s a new feature in Google Labs, and it works by cacheing a copy of your inbox using Google Gears. You can then use almost all of the functionality of Gmail, such as starring, filing and tagging, and any emails you compose will be queued up in your outbox ready to be sent when you’re reconnected.

Personally, I can’t imagine what you’re using your computer for if you’re not connected to the internet, but the main beneficiaries of this aren’t people like me, clearly. You can check out the new functionality in the labs tab in your Gmail account, although like all Google releases, it’ll be rolled out in a seemingly random manner i.e. I go last, over the next few days.

Susi Weaser