Would you control your boiler from your phone? Nokia seems to thinks so

central heating control.jpgWhat if I told you, you were able to control your central heating from the comforts of your mobile? Does it make you happy, think of star Trek, elated, or are you shaking your head and thinking technology is going to far? If this was summer I may have been inclined to ignore this story, but how great would it be to turn on your central heating on your journey home, so your house is snugly prepared for your arrival. There is such a thing as a timer for these home comforts, but how much cooler would it be to do it from the realms of your phone?

As far as mobile services go, this idea is out there – futuristic even and very far fetched. But Nokia seems to be confident it can bring this service to us by collaborating with German power company RWE. The plan is to create a fully remote home heating management system, that’ll enable you to control all thermostats and radiators via your PC or mobile phone.

The aim – 2009.

Just think of the future possibilities – being able to turn the kettle on 5 mins before you’re due home, or equally desirable possibilities such as switching on your oven/microwave/grill or washing machine. I bet Bill Gates has all the above.

[via Mobile Phones]

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Lucy Hedges