Nokia wants you to point and find with So-Lo

Nokia.jpgNokia truly is connecting people. As well as unveiling the beauoootiful N97 touchscreen behemoth (*wolf whistle*), Nokia has outlined its plans to bring us So-Lo, introducing us to the concept of social location – a point and find service designed to tag your social location using A-GPS and an electronic compass to offer information on the things around you. This also means it’ll be easy to update social networks automatically with real-time information, not to mention giving your online pals access to your social location with accompanying pictures or video.

The service sounds pretty nifty. Let’s say for example you’re walking past a historic building and want to know its history (because you love to learn), you can point your camera phone in its direction and fill your brain with all the background information. Nokia also hinted at being able to point your phone at a cinema to get a run down of what films are showing.

The service, currently in beta sounds like it’ll provide a wealth of information ranging from the architecture of a building to fun and useless factoids. Efficient or unnecessary – you decide?

[via Pocket Lint]

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Lucy Hedges