Facebook Connect expands across the World Wide Web

facebook_connect.jpgFacebook Connect, the identity sharing service (initially announced back in May) that allows users to “connect” their Facebook identity, bringing along all your friends, profile information, photos, events and other personal info across a number of websites, including Digg and Twitter is growing and getting more websites on board to implement the service onto their pages.

Facebook connect essentially does the same thing as Google’s Friend Connect and MySpace’s Data Availability. So, you’ll be able to sign in on a wider range of participating sites with your Facebook ID, transferring all the information you want onto another site, saving you the hassle of repeatedly entering information for every site you want to join.

Over the next few weeks, major websites including Hulu, Discovery and CBS will be implementing this service into their pages. What this means for us is added convenience – for Facebook, more advertising revenue and a stronger web identity. Does everyone want their real identity on every website they access? Maybe not. But the offer is there should you want to take it.

For a demonstration on how it works, checkout the demo here.

[via PC Mag]

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Lucy Hedges