Virgin offers cheap as chips 30p per day mobile internet

Virgin.JPGMobile operators are desperate for us to get on the World Wide Web, but not everyone can afford to cruise it on a day to day basis. So what’s the solution – offer 30p a day internet access and watch the barrage of internet surfers rush in. That’s Virgin’s solution, which comes into play as of the 8th December. As well as this bargain of an offer, Virgin promises an “enhanced” Virgin media branded mobile web portal “straight to your pocket”.

Those in possession of a Virgin Mobile phone on either a pre-pay or contact basis can get ‘unlimited’ web access for the price of your favourite chocolate bar (if not cheaper) or “cheaper than a bag of crisps” as Virgin puts it (so Virgin’s counting things in terms of the quantity of crisps you can buy now?).

Now there’s a little fibbing going on, as unlimited internet access doesn’t exactly mean that. Really it’s 25MB per day, so no doubt you’ll be charged when you’ve reached your limit. It’ll be nice not to fret about having a huge bill at the end of the month though won’t it? So next time you think about buying that packet of Frazzles, just think, that 30p could go towards a day of internet access.

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Lucy Hedges