Wii want you to go out: Gamers encouraged to get fresh air by Nintendo


Being a gamer does not a supermodel make. It’s sad but true that spending hours on your arse battling warlords doesn’t give you pins of steel, rather a flabby midriff that’s bolstered by the snacks that are so convenient to eat when playing near the kitchen. This is why games which aim to improve fitness do so well, and we’ve had the Wii Fit and Jog On spearheading the fit gamer movement.

Well we have something slightly new, a game which encourages you to leave the house- in effect stop playing it!

walk me.jpg

Nintendo’s soon to be released Walk with me! is designed for the DS and features two pedometers to keep track of your activity level. The game sets daily waking targets for yourself, which you then transfer to your DS so you can check scores and play around with maps and routes.

The Activity meters transfer the data to the DS via infrared and it can store up to four separate people info, so you could measure your mum, dad, and even your dog’s activity. It also includes a selection of mini games. You can opt to post your step data and combine it with users round the world for a world step count, or enter the world step ranking challenge every Sunday. Here you can compete to be the worlds top walker and win acclaim and a personal sense of satisfaction.

Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? from 20th February

[via the Mail]

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Zara Rabinowicz