Say hello to Dreamy Tina: Swarovski and Philips release details for their USB summer range

If you’ve been in agonies of indecision this year about whether to get the Happy Laura or Naughty Raymond USB stick, you’ll be pleased/frustrated to hear about the latest member to join their stable – Dreamy Tina. Coming to you in the new year, this lovely lilac USB stick features a smiling girl with a shiny silver skipping rope. Yes, I do know that £102 for a 2GB stick is fairly preposterous, but just look at that sparkly smile! I can’t help but want it, and I’m sure a fair amount of tweens/ Britney fans/ my fellow co-workers will be aching for one as well. On the plus side, it might meant that Naughty Raymond gets reduced!

Coming to you around March 2009 from Swarovski

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Zara Rabinowicz