Teddy speaker, for the big kid in you

teddy_speaker.jpgIf you’re into incredibly loud colours, you like unique and distinctive things, you’re a big kid at heart, or perhaps you’re partial to a bit of visual diarrhoea, the teddy speaker sounds like the perfect audio companion for you. Not everyone’s after a music box with a glossy cubed/rectangular chassis that looks just like the next cubed and glossy speaker – some of you like to stand out from the crowd, right?

The designer of the Teddy Speaker has clearly taken the above into consideration. Upon first glance, it doesn’t scream MP3 player speaker, but that’s because the speakers are concealed in the bear’s feet and the battery pack in its tummy. I’m not sure how much that affects its huggabilty factor, but it’s cute and only costs £14.99 from IWOOT, so it would make a lovely Christmas prezzie for an adult adolescent pal.

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Lucy Hedges