The Asus S101 gets the pink paint job

asus.jpgIt’s as if a gadget is not a real gadget until it’s received a pink makeover – whether it’s Barbie pink, cerise, baby pink cherry and all the other variations. And if the pink make over, real gadget thing isn’t an urban myth, the Asus S101 has just received its official ‘real gadget’ stamp. The style conscious laptop from those responsible for Eee-mania, have given one of their finest netbooks a girlified bodywork modification. So not only does it have a 16GB SSD, 1GB RAM, a 10-inch screen and Intel Atom processor, but it caters to the needs of people who have an inflated passion for pink.

Asus recently launched the pink beauty in Japan, but alas, there’s no mention of it coming to European territory, but we could all close our eyes really really tight and wish really really hard (fingers crossed and everything) you never know.

[via Liliputing]

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Lucy Hedges