Defunct records have been given a new lease of life

vinyl1.jpgAhh vinyl – the forgotten format that once use to rule the dance floor and the DJ box. Much like the video/DVD transition, there are some who just couldn’t let the past go and move into a new era and the same can be said for records. But if you have moved on to greater, better and more efficient music formats – say MP3s or even CDs – and are perhaps feeling a little guilty, like you’ve cheated on your record collection (or something like that), maybe you’ll feel better with a collection of these. Now this is one thing its cooler cousins can’t do – be transformed into coasters.

Made from reclaimed vintage records, these double sided vinyl coasters are great for people who are anal about spillages or music aficionado’s who like to start sentences with “back in the day”. The defunct records are all different so each pack consists of six randomly selected coasters. I can’t think of a more rock and roll way to protect your coffee table from moisture and spillages.

£12.95 from Firebox

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Lucy Hedges