Get your poke on with party Poken

poken party.jpg

Remember the old days? Pre-internet and mobiles when you had to communicate by talking or *gasp* letter form? Thank god that stilted manner of communicating in more than 140 characters has passed, and now there’s an invention to stop even the slightest desire to exchange vowel sounds. Say hi to the Poken, a cutesy RFID reader, available in Voodoo, Bee, Alien or Panda form.

Carry this critter with you daily and when you meet someone worthy of being added to your Facebook friends list, hi five your Poken against theirs and their data will be wirelessly transferred. When the Poken is hi fived it glows green out of joy/envy/despair and all you need to do now is plug it into your computer to complete the friend exchange. Details will be uploaded to the Poken website, where you can also share pics, videos and daily updates. Hmm, so is this a new social networking tool or a new social network? To be continued…

£12.95 from Firebox

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Zara Rabinowicz