Make your own Christmas wish list online with BAA

baa.gifAre you fed up with being given presents that force you to fake a smile and end up collecting dust under your bed? Or on the flip side, are you one of those people who shouldn’t be allowed to pick presents and are renowned for causing disappointment on Christmas day by buying inappropriate and crappy gifts for your loved ones (yes, I agree there is a lot of crap out there, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy it). Or perhaps you’re more of a reluctant shopper and have therefore left all your Christmas shopping a little Now that time is running out, do you find yourself losing sleep and quietly panicking because you only have 7 days left?

BAA’s got you covered. As well as providing Christmas pressie wish lists for him, her, food aficionados, the extravagant, kids and gadgety geeks, you’re given the option to compile your own wish list, ensuring absolutely NO mistakes are made come Christmas day.

And it definitely helps that you can email it around or give you present buyers access to it. BAA gives piece of mind to both the giver and receiver. Not only will you get exactly what you want, but they can be picked up at bargainous airport prices.

It’s free to set up and you can create up to six personal lists, you know, should one not be enough.

Check it out here

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Lucy Hedges

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