Get a bargainous shopping experience with the Twenga iPhone app

iphone.gifCredit crunch and all that guff aside, everyone likes a good bargain. And if you happen to be an owner of the most coveted phone on the planet right now (the iPhone for those not in the know) the words shopping and bargain are about to undertake a whole new meaning.

The Twenga iPhone app has been developed to help you get the best bargains out of your shopping experience and find the absolute best deal on items you want before making the purchase (and potentially spending more money than you have too). But whether you’d leave Sainsbury’s to go to Morrisons ‘s just to get your bucks fizz for fifty pence cheaper is another question (of course, it applies to items on a much larger scale too).

It’s just been made available in six countries including France, Germany, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands and can be found here.

As Tesco says – every little helps.

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Lucy Hedges