Fingers at the ready: Shoot a turkey

turkey.gifA turkey shoot is an opportunity for an individual or a party to very easily take advantage of a situation. It’s also known as a shooting contest where frozen turkeys are awarded as prizes. In this instance, it’s a click and play shooting game where you have to use your assertiveness and best reflex action to execute a bunch of turkeys.

I came across this addictive game on my World Wide Web travels and thought I’d share it with you on this festive day. If you’re reading this in the evening, the big feast is probably over, you’re feeling like the pits of your stomach are going to burst though its banks, so might I be right in assuming shooting turkeys (probably the last thing you want to see right now) could be your idea of fun – especially as they’re partly why you feel so plump.

Click after the jump to play the game…

Before you start you can have a few glasses of sherry… at your own peril. The more sherries you have, the slower your reaction, but this also means, the higher you will score. So choose based on your own discretion and quick click action. You need to shoot them before they run amuck across the yard, or even worse charge at you like crazy deranged birds.

Play it here – remember to use the mouse to aim and shoot the shotgun.

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Lucy Hedges